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By way of company visits Import Promotion Desk (IPD) identified in close collaboration with a value chain project of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Nepalese producers of medicinal and aromatic plants with export potential. Due to lack of certificates and documentation direct access to the German market has been denied to many Nepalese companies; they are forced to sell their products to intermediaries (especially from India) which then export the products to the EU.

To resolve this problem, IPD in cooperation with GIZ, is closing different gaps to gradually empower the Nepalese suppliers to sell without intermediate stages to the European market. One of the activities took place in February 2015 + 2016 through the participation of selected exporters as exhibitors at Biofach trade fair in Nürnberg.

600 TZ

Over the past three years, the Chamber of Commerce (HWK ) Hamburg supports the national training institution VETA (Vocational Education and Training Authority) in Tanzania and is successfully improving the quality and practical relevance of vocational training.

In a first phase of the project, workshops were established in the areas of motor vehicle and electric in Dar -es- Salaam and Hotel/tourism in Moshi, developed dual curricula and started the first pilot courses. The trainees are bound in all three areas by contract to business and pursuing their training at VETA and in business - a novelty for Tanzania.


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On March 1 of 2017 the project Networking Intermediaries & Competitive Enterprises in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan (NICE-TAK) started.

During the following three years the development of the private sector in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan will be promoted by the strengthening of Business Intermediary Organisations (BIO’s).

Logo Dottenfelderhof

Dottenfelderhof-Laden OHG (Dottenfelderhof) is a regional enterprise in Bad Vilbel near Frankfurt/Main, which specializes in Demeter organic products.

In the context of a project with sequa, which started in November 2016, the Dottenfelderhof-Laden OHG supports the qualification of female Nepalese farmers in the bio-dynamic cultivation of tea.

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The medium-sized company Awite Bioenergie GmbH manufactures high-quality gas analysis systems according to costumer specific requirements for biogas, waste water treatment and laboratory facilities.

In the frame of a project, which is funded by BMZ through sequa and started in December 2016, Awite aims at improving the training for specialists in the biogas sector in order to promote market development in this sector.