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The “Switch-Asia” Programme of the European Commission

 Latest Update: 13/ 01/16
Switch Asia (2007-2013) had been developed in response to the need for a cleaner and more energy efficient industrial production in Asia. This funding programme targets SMEs, accounting for their importance as employers as well as their high contribution to environmental pollution.
sequa intends to build - and has already successfully established - new alliances with research institutes and universities in order to achieve outreach and impact in the field of sustainable consumption and production. Much research has been done in the last 15 years on sustainable production and consumption and a lot of practical solutions have been developed. However, research institutions generally lack the networks and experience to effectively reach out to a high number of SMEs. This is where sequa with its unique network of business membership organisations has its comparative advantage. The new SWITCH Programme financed by the European Commission is the ideal platform for this.
Focusing on the exchange of technology and know-how, SWITCH Asia aims at advocating sustainable production and consumption of industrial goods in Asia and, therefore, contributes to the overall economical prosperity as well as to poverty reduction in the area.
Sustainable Production Projects support the implementation of technical innovations, environmental management systems, or supply chain management. They also aim to enhance the performance of individual enterprises through measurements such as: awareness raising, training and capacity building, technical assistance, benchmarking, institutional strengthening, network building, policy dialogue, and dissemination.

Sustainable Consumption Projects focus on the promotion of eco-friendly products by developing effective marketing strategies, organisational networks and framework conditions, by establishing products with lower waste quantity and impact, by demonstrating of how to enhance the production and sales of eco-friendly products, and by strengthening the understanding of international requirements and codes of conduct.

SWITCH Asia is open to local governments or other non-profit-making organisations from the EU or the target countries in Asia, which are experienced and able to demonstrate their capacity to manage large-scale activities. Partnerships are asked to be formed by at least two parties, one from each country group. No upper limit applies. sequa is a successful applicant of the SWITCH Asia Programme. Following projects have been selected by the European Commission in 2008 and are in the process of being executed:  
Country Title Facility Partner Duration
SMEs for environmental Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency  
SWITCH-Asia Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production
sequa (lead)

UK’s Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Confederation of the German Textile and Fashion Industry

the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Myanmar Business (UMFCCI)

Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP)

the Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association (MGMA)

01/2013 - 12/2019
SMART CEBU: SMEs for Environmental Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency
Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production
sequa (lead)

European Chamber of Commerce of the Philipines (ECCP)

Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation

Association of Fashion

Accessories Manafuctures

Association of Gift, Toys and Houseware manufacturers

Association of Development Fnancing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific

Energy Efficency Agency NRW, Germany

02/2010 - 02/2013
Re-Tie Bangladesh -
Reduction of environmental threats and increase of exportability of Bangladeshi leather products
SWITCH-Asia Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production
sequa (lead)

Bangladesh  Tanners Association BTA


bfz - Bavarian Employers Association and affiliated training centres




02/2009 - 02/2012
Helping Vietnamese SMEs Adapt & Adopt CSR for Improved Linkages with Global Supply Chains in Sustainable Production
SWITCH-Asia Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production
UNIDO (lead)


02/2009 - 01/2012
 For more information please contact Dr. Christiane Beck at or at +49 (228) 98238-46 or visit the Switch Asia homepage.
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