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Switch to Green

The SWITCH to Green initiative implemented by the European Union is intended to contribute to the EU's objective of promoting a "green economy". This should generate growth, create jobs and contribute to poverty reduction. By supporting market opportunities for cleaner technologies, energy and resource efficiency, low-carbon development while promoting innovation, the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) and the reduction of the unsustainable use of natural resources, the implementation of a "green economy" should be realised.


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Project TitleSwitch to Green Facility
ClientEuropäische Kommission
Duration 01.01.2016 – 31.12.2019
Project Budget1.964.400,00 EUR
Region Europe
International PartnerGFA Consulting Group GmbH
Public Relations Communications Strategy

Initial situation / Problem

Given the scale of environmental problems and their impact on economic growth and social development, the greening of the economy is an urgent necessity and increasingly a political priority in many developing countries. The poorest and weakest live in regions and countries where nature is often the basis of their economies. Without a real and profound transformative agenda that integrates sustainability into policies and measures from the outset, environmental degradation will undermine all efforts to eradicate poverty and ensure a decent life. 

The thematic evaluation of EU support to environment and climate change in third countries for the period 2007-2013 has shown that the links between macro-level initiatives - such as the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) - and micro-level interventions - such as the Green Business component of the SWITCH programme - need to be strengthened in order to strengthen synergies and create a better surroundings for green economies.

Project objectives

The main objective of the project is to support the promotion of environmentally oriented entrepreneurship and the creation of environmentally friendly jobs in developing countries. To this end, an effective dialogue is to be established between the EU and the developing countries with a view to an integrative green economy. In addition, the project aims to support the development and implementation of the SWITCH flagship initiative by providing technical advice on Green Economy issues, support for coordination and communication.  

Main areas of activity:

The different measures of the project are divided into different areas:

1. Coordination:

  • Organisation of annual coordination meetings between the most important green economy initiatives financed by the EU, which supplement the regional and national dialogue and the network forums of the SWITCH regional programmes
  • Organisation of joint events by SWITCH and other EU programmes for a green economy (e.g. European Development Days)
  • Development of program information tools

2. Quality promotion:

  • Support in the identification and formulation of Green Economy measures
  • Develop a chain of outcomes for EU international cooperation in the field of the green economy in which programme priorities are defined in line with EU policies and on the basis of past experience.
  • Development of aids for improved impact monitoring and documentation

3. Knowledge development and management:

  • Organisation of a strategic evaluation of the EU's international cooperation in the field of SCP
  • The production of fact sheets outlining the lessons learnt and the international dimension of selected EU policies and programmes (EU-CEAP, etc.) to promote best practice and synergies with EU international cooperation in the field of the green economy

4. Capacity building:

  • Development of training modules for environmentally friendly management and provision of tailor-made training for EU staff and partners in the Commission's offices in Brussels and partner countries

5. Transparency of communication:

  • Development of a SWITCH to Green communication and knowledge management strategy and visual identity that controls the production of knowledge and communication products
  • Planning and delivery of publications, including jointly developed Green Development News, published quarterly on Cap4Dev

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