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Everyone talks about the issues “escape  and displacement”. We realise that we have to do more in order to achieve perceivable improvements for refugees in their origin or host countries, respectively. In each project within our Vocational Education and Training Partnership Programme a German project partner and a foreign partner jointly implement the undertaking. Such Projects shall be “lighthouse projects” that are dedicated to demonstrate models how to increase the quality of VET, however mostly limited to specific professions within a specific region. Each project contributes to improving working and living perspectives of people.

Of course, the capacity of each of our German partners is limited. Therefore, we ask diverse German VET Centres to combine their forces when it comes to implement a larger project. With great success, we tested this approach in the „Employment Pact“between 2012 to 2015 in Tunisia.

In the current issue of sequaForum we present the undertaking “TAMEB” which we implement in Turkey.

By means of this project, we improve the working and living perspectives of Syrian refugees in their receiving country. Once again, we could prove that our approach works and has significant impact.

For sure, the issues “escape and displacement” will dominate our agenda for a number of years. And I am convinced that Germany’s Federal Government will further enhance the cooperation with the private sector and its VET Centres in order to meet one of the greatest challenges at the present time.

Gebhard Weiss, Managing Director

PDF-Download  of the current sF- issue, in German only.