sequaForum 2020 A02: Covid 19 Pandemic

The pressure of digitisation caused by the restrictions on contact is a great opportunity in my opinion. Companies with a high degree of digitisation are better prepared for the future.


Digitisation of all business processes is also a preventive strategy for the next crisis. Like others we have invested in digital conference systems and switched to flexible forms of mobile working, more or less overnight.

The work reality at sequa will be different after Corona. The unprecedented "mass test" of mobile working shows that we will be able to work more flexibly and with less travel activities than before. To achieve this, we have to embed digital technologies in the processes of the respective working environment.

Regardless of all digitisation efforts the analogue document management is still "state of the art". Our most important customers, the German Federal Government and the European Commission, expect only paper. All parties involved have to print paper, initial it, sign, stamp, send, complete, copy, archive with dockets and destroy them in a timely manner.

I look forward to the shock soon turning into a boost in the public administration's records management. Professional groups such as accountants, controllers, administrative staff and auditors could thus participate in the new working world. It would also be a step towards climate neutrality.

Gebhard Weiss, Geschäftsführer


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