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Togo: Digitalisation of the Chambers of Crafts

Development of digital tools in Chambers of Crafts in Togo as a contribution to overcoming the effects of the Corona pandemic


Quelle: UCRM Togo

The Business Membership Organisation Partnership (KVP) in cooperation between the Chambers of Crafts in Cologne and theChamber of Crafts in Togo has developed numerous digital tools. The process has been intensified during the Corona period due to its urgency with additional resources in the IT sector.

The development of the digital business services in each region includes:

- Conversion to digital membership management
- Provision of up-to-date information for craftsmen (e.g. implementation of Corona protection measures)
- Development of the "Yellow Pages" with search function
- Development of training videos (e.g. marketing, business management)
- Further development of a mobile app for craftsmen (with advantageous access to additional offers such as health insurance, financing partners, online craftsmen's fair for better marketing of craftsmen's products)
- Use of digital public relations and representation of interests by the Chamber of Crafts.

The film produced in this context shows the further development of digital offers for craftsmen supported by the KVP project. The film was a contribution to the topic "Digital tools and e-learning platforms in partnership projects". Projects were sought that could demonstrate a constructive approach during the Corona situation. The event was organised by sequa.


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