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Business Segment "Social Dialogue“

To an increasing degree, companies and business membership organisations are becoming aware of the importance and necessity of a professional social dialogue. A modern and effective corporate management and dynamic economic development depend on a well functioning social dialogue.

Social dialogue can be defined as any communication involving management and labour that is intended to influence the arrangement and development of work related issues. Social dialogue can take place between the social partners themselves ("bipartite") (either on the company-level or the inter-company-level) or between governmental authorities and the social partners ("tripartite").

Social dialogue is defined by the provisions of the individual national legislators. Examples for issues that involve social dialogue and show its limits include collective bargaining, labour relations and  workers´ participation.

As a subsidiary of the German confederation of German Employers' Associations (BDA), for whom Social Dialogue ist part of daily business, we have direct access to the know-how and experience of industrial associations both on the sector and the regional level.

Together with our partner we design and execute consulting projects which aim is to professionalise the social dialogue in developing and transition countries as well as within the European Union.

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