EU-LA Alliance for Sustainable Growth and Jobs

The new edition of the AL-INVEST programme (EU-LA Alliance for Sustainable Growth and Jobs), AL-INVEST Verde, is an initiative financed by the European Union and co-financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) with the objective of promoting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in Latin America. Through the implementation of sustainable practices, such as the reduction of the carbon footprint in their processes, greater efficiency in the use of resources, and digital transformation, the programme fosters the green transition towards a more circular economy. AL-INVEST Verde will provide 25 million euros in funding for innovative projects (incl. an own contribution of at least 20%) as a result of business partnerships between Latin American and European business support and business membership organizations.

AL-INVEST Verde is built around 3 components: 

  • Component 1 is designed to mobilize EU know-how and investment to support business growth within the private sector in Latin America. This component is being implemented by a consortium of seven institutions led by sequa.
  • Component 2 promotes policy advocacy to effectively implement core environmental and labor standards. It is executed by a consortium organized by FIIAPP and IILA
  • Component 3 focuses on intellectual property rights. It is managed by the corresponding EU office EUIPO.
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Frank Summa

Programme Director. Component 1



Component 1

Innovative partnership projects for the green transition of SMEs

Component 1 of the programme is led by sequa along with a consortium of six business membership organizations across Latin American countries and Europe to manage funds to implement sustainable practices and promote digital transformation in the private sector.

The programme will provide funding of 25 million euros for innovative projects from business partnerships between Latin American and European business support organizations (chambers and associations), business development and other organisations such as foundations, universities, non-governmental organisations, among others. The funds will be used to implement sustainable measures and promote digitalisation in the private sector. These grants are provided through competitive funds. In the first call for proposals for innovative projects in 2022, 24 projects were contracted, which are currently being implemented. The application deadline for the second call was 23.8.2023 and the project proposals are currently being evaluated. These projects will start implementation in spring 2024. The consortium is responsible for preparing and promoting the calls, including the subsequent evaluation, selection, funding and support for the implementation of the partnership projects that contribute to the objectives of the programme.

AL-INVEST Verde will last 60 months –from December 2021 to November 2026- and will contribute a maximum of EUR 300.000 per project. This contribution covers up to 80% of the grant projects’ eligible costs.

The target group of the funded projects are small and medium sized enterprises in Latin America, which drive the region’s economy and play a key role in promoting sustainable development. These SMEs have great potential to respond to market needs, generate better employment, and expand improved living conditions in Latin American target countries.



Consortium Partners

The Component 1 of the programme is led by sequa along with a consortium of the following institutions:

Guatemalan Exporters' Association (AGEXPORT)

Brazilian Confederation of Trade and Business Associations (CACB)

CAINCO Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism of Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Chamber of Commerce of Lima in Peru (CCL)

Employers' Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex Jalisco)

EUROCHAMBRES, an organisation representing the chambers of commerce in Europe


Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V.
The Voice of German Industry

Cámara Argentina de Comercio y Servicios

Centro de Desenvolvimento Sustentável UnB

National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM)

Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana

Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK)

European Business and Innovation Centre Network



Ministerio de la Producción Peru


The Component 1 of the programme will support projects in the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

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