Environmental Policy

We attach great value to sustainability

sequa's environmental responsibility and motivation stem from its objective to sustainably improve the living and working conditions of as many people as possible.

sequa wants to ensure that the development opportunities for future generations on earth are preserved and that their living conditions do not deteriorate due to the loss of natural resources and the threat of climate change.

sequa's actions and decisions are to be determined by a responsible approach to the environment. The company's environmental policy is a team task of the management and all employees.


Natascha Haitz

Environmental Management Officer



In order to confirm these objectives, sequa will participate in the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and commit to environmental protection as well as to compliance with all applicable environmental regulations. Furthermore, sequa commits to continuously improve its environmental performance, to increasingly avoid environmental impacts and to continuously improve its environmental management system. sequa will regularly identify, analyze and evaluate the direct and indirect environmental impacts of the company and develop measures to achieve an improvement of environmental performance at sequa's sites participating in EMAS by:

  •     Raising awareness among employees
  •     Economical use of energy and raw materials
  •     Sustainable procurement
  •     Environmentally friendly mobility
  •     Sustainable projects