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22 Dec 2021

Brazil: Promotion of sustainable tourism through local economy

The launch of the new Business Membership Organisation Partnerships (KVP) for the promotion of sustainable tourism of the Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (bbw) e. V. w…

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21 Dec 2021

Central Asia: Strengthening social dialogue

Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern strengthens employers' associations in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in their role as social partners within the fra…

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16 Dec 2021

Africa: COMESA - Building stronger advocacy for the private sector

The Federation of German Industries (BDI) is implementing a partnership project with the COMESA Business Council (CBC) based in Zambia, funded by the Federal Ministry for Econ…

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16 Dec 2021 // Benin

Further Training in Photovoltaics

Saar-Lor-Lux Umweltzentrum GmbH (UWZ) supports Beninese Chambers of Crafts in the continuation and dissemination of the…

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15 Dec 2021

Business Scout Fund for the promotion of innovative project ideas

An information event gave the starting signal for the new instrument "Business Scout Fund", which will support the…

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10 Dec 2021 // Guatemala

Improving training and quality in the construction sector

In the vocational training partnership project (BBP) of the Chamber of Skilled Crafts Frankfurt-Rhein-Main, the training…

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09 Dec 2021 // Western Ukraine

HWK Dresden launches a BBP

The HWK Dresden cooperates with three selected vocational schools in Western Ukraine and promotes dual training in the…

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02 Dec 2021 // Latin America

The AL-INVEST Verde programme starts in December

On 1 December 2021, sequa started the implementation of component 1 of the AL-INVEST Verde programme together with…

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30 Nov 2021 // Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dual training in the Bosnian textile industry

The Association of the North-East German Textile and Clothing Industry (vti) gets involved in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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30 Nov 2021

Call for Proposals of KfW/IFE for Egypt

The Investing for Employment (IFE) grant facility of KfW has started a first call for proposal for Egypt.

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24 Nov 2021 // Georgia

Naturland cooperates with farmers' associations

Improved framework conditions for the organic cultivation of agricultural products through specialised training and…

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23 Nov 2021 // Colombia

Increased employability of young people

In October 2021, the Bund Katholischer Unternehmer (BKU) e.V. / AFOS-Stiftung started a three-years Vocational Education…

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16 Nov 2021 // Ghana

Improving quality of vocational training in the construction sector

In the new PartnerAfrika project of the Berufsförderungswerk der Bauindustrie NRW, vocational and advanced training in…

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14 Nov 2021 // Myanmar

Beyond Your Clothes campaign wins Luum Award

The sequa-commissioned campaign Beyond Your Clothes by 360 Agency Berlin was awarded the Golden Luum Award. The campaign…

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12 Nov 2021 // Ghana

Promoting "green recovery" in Ghanaian industry

As part of a new PartnerAfrica project of sequa, the German association Unternehmer Baden-Württemberg supports Ghanaian…

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11 Nov 2021 // Rwanda

Innovation and Technology Transfer for the Wood Sector

A new PartnerAfrica project of sequa between the German partner Internationaler Bund and Rwandan educational…

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07 Nov 2021 // Brazil

Continuing the partnership project of association groups

The Business Membership Organisation Partnerships (KVP) of the Mittelstandsverbund starts its second project phase. The…

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26 Oct 2021 // Ukraine

A small-scale project of Bildungswerk der sächsischen Wirtschaft

Strengthening the Ukrainian textile association UKRLEGPROM.

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17 Oct 2021 // Brazil

bbw launched partnership project (KVP) for economic tourism develop

The Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V. (bbw) advises business membership organisations and TVET institutions…

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16 Oct 2021

Skilled Crafts Fund launched

Grants for Development Cooperations implemented by craftsmen and their Organisations

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05 Oct 2021

Training "Project Management in Partnership Projects"

Get-togehter between the partnership projects

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04 Oct 2021 // Tunisia

participation in the Gallery Shoes fair in Düsseldorf

Tunisian exhibitors successfully exhibited their products at the Düsseldorf fair "Gallery Shoes" from 29-31.08.2021.

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26 Sep 2021

Tourism Academy

The tourism sector is essential for the economic and social growth of many countries around the world. Unfortunately,…

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25 Sep 2021 // Myanmar

New publications on waste management

Release of two publications for better waste management in Myanmar 

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20 Sep 2021 // Georgia

Safety and health at work

Improved framework conditions for safe and healthy work through specialised training and advisory services.

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17 Sep 2021 // Serbia

Supporting the Biogas Association

From October 1, 2021, the German Biogas Association (FvB) and the Serbian Biogas Association (SBA) will cooperate in an…

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05 Sep 2021 // Western Balkans/Ukrain

Promoting women entrepreneurs in the craft sector

The Chamber of Skilled Crafts Koblenz is involved in the Western Balkans and Ukraine to strengthen the position of women…

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29 Aug 2021 // Togo

Digitalisation of the Chambers of Crafts

Development of digital tools in Chambers of Crafts in Togo as a contribution to overcoming the effects of the Corona…

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25 Aug 2021 // Guatemala

Delegation - Trainers in construction sector in Germany

17 trainers from Guatemala complete their training in the construction sector in Germany. The vocational training…

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25 Aug 2021 // Uzbekistan

Vocational training and further education measures for SMEs

The Bildungswerk der sächsischen Wirtschaft cooperates with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan

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23 Aug 2021 // Canada


sequa, together with its partner EPRD from Poland, supports a two-hour Accelerator Session on Plastics of the World…

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19 Jul 2021 // sequaForum 2021 A02

30 years of sequa

Between the private sector and the state - 30 years of sequa as a success story

Three chancellors and four development…

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11 Jul 2021 // Import Promotion Desk (IPD)

Expansion of trade promotion

In the fourth project phase, IPD expands its range of services: Morocco and Uzbekistan are included as new IPD partner…

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30 Jun 2021

Introducing the “Beyond Your Clothes” Campaign

Garment mountains build up as recycling breaks down!

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27 Jun 2021 // Kenya

Support for small farming families through machinery rings

The Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) has entrusted sequa with the transfer of know-how and support…

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10 Jun 2021

Online event for digital project work

On June 10, 2021, sequa held an online event on the topic of "Digital tools and e-learning platforms in the partnership…

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07 Jun 2021 // Despite Corona

Practical training continues digitally

The vocational training partnership between the Kreishandwerkerschaft Steinfurt-Warendorf in Germany and the uMfolozi…

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27 May 2021 // Senegal

Preparation of a partnership project in the ICT sector

In May 2021, a small-scale project has started in order to support the ICT sector in Senegal, initiated by the  Chamber…

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12 May 2021 // Morocco

A Food Academy based on the German model is established

The PartnerAfrica project between the Schwerin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK zu Schwerin), the…

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11 May 2021

Call for Proposal of KfW/ IFE in Rwanda

The Investing for Employment (IFE) grant facility of KfW has started a first call for proposal for Rwanda

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26 Apr 2021 // Ethiopia

Strengthening the horticultural association

Successful first phase: The Berufliche Fortbildungszentren der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (bfz) gGmbH provided continuous…

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26 Apr 2021 // Turkey

sequa expands project measures in TAMEB

sequa increases activity in the area of social and vocational integration of Syrian refugees in Turkey and the support…

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30 Mar 2021 // Iran

Empowering Afghan women refugees

The ARIVET project works with female refugees and female-headed households on an income-generating activity that…

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13 Mar 2021 // Africa

Circular economy in Africa

The association "Circular Economy 4 Africa" is committed to waste management in Ethiopia, Ghana and Kenya.

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09 Mar 2021 // sequaForum 2021 A01

Green Economy

Ironically, it is precisely the "green" issues of climate protection and sustainability sustainability are the very…

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01 Mar 2021 // Mexico

Promoting employment opportunities for young people

In cooperation with the Mexican employers' association Confederación Patronal de la República Mexican (COPARMEX) in…

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27 Feb 2021 // Tunisia

New partnership project for digitalization

The Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association (EMA) e.V. is committed to cross-sector digitalisation in Tunisia.

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07 Feb 2021 // Mozambique and South Africa

Federal Minister of Economics pays tribute

In a video message to the members of the Steinfurt-Warendort District Guild of Skilled Crafts and the members of the…

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