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09 May 2019

03 May 2019

East Africa: Support for economic integration in EAC

In a BMO Partnership Project facilitated by sequa and financed by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Federation of German Industries (...

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23 Apr 2019

First Call for Proposals ARCHIPELAGO - Deadline 23.06.2019

NEW 1st Call for Proposals ARCHIPELAGO

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04 Apr 2019 // Archipelago

Invitation to the Information Event

sequa was commissioned by the European Commission to implement the ARCHIPELAGO programme in cooperation with its...

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03 Apr 2019 // Tunisia

Vocational training for mechatronics and plastics technicians

In a VET Partnership facilitated by sequa and financed by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and...

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30 Mar 2019 // Ethiopia

Strengthening chamber structures

On 01.04.2019 a chamber and association partnership project began between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK)...

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05 Mar 2019 // sequaForum 2019 A01


If the economy is doing well, people are doing well too! Especially in developing countries it can be observed that this...

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17 Feb 2019 // Bonn

Relaunch of the sequa website

Welcome to!

As of today sequa gGmbH presents itself with a new online platform. The website...

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15 Feb 2019 // Brazil

11th World Chamber Congress - "Creating a shared future"

The 11th World Chamber Congress brings together entrepreneurs and chamber representatives from more than 100 countries...

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12 Feb 2019 // Project grants for enterprises Ideas Competition 1/2019

Start your own project and apply with your idea until March 31st.

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22 Jan 2019 // Philippines

EU project "RELY" promotes the use of renewable energy

The Project "Renewable Energy for Livelihood and Youth" (RELY) is an endeavor funded by the European Union that aims to...

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10 Jan 2019 // Turkey

Expansion of renewable energy technology in residential buildings

In the programme in Turkey, Solar Data Systems (SDS) and its consortium partners would like to create and...

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30 Dec 2018 // Albania

Manufacture of protective clothing

Since September 2018 the German enterprise Geilenkothen cooperates with its Albanian partner M&E Konfeksion in Shijak...

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11 Dec 2018 // Togo

Organic farming for pineapple juice

As part of a project, the consulting firm Moringa Partnership is establishing a sustainable, socially and...

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09 Dec 2018 // KVP/BBP-workshop 2018

Exchanging know-how, sharing ideas, building networks

On 14 November 2018 sequa hosted the KVP/BBP-Workshop 2018 at the Gustav-Stresemann-Institute in Bonn. About a hundred...

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08 Dec 2018

New EU-funded programme "ARCHIPELAGO" launched

New EU-funded ARCHIPELAGO programme for employability and job creation through vocational and entrepreneurial training...

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21 Nov 2018 // Guatemala

Kick-off Conference of the project MCC+

Increased competitiveness of MSMEs in Guatemala: the EU funded project "Mipymes y Cooperativas + Competitivas - MCC+"...

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19 Nov 2018 // India

Promotion of Biogas

Since December 2018, the German Biogas Association (FvB) and the Indian Biogas Association (IBA) have been working...

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17 Nov 2018 // East Africa

Promotion and support of renewable energies

Since October 2018, the German Berufliche Fortbildungszentren der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (bfz) gGmbH and five partner...

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17 Nov 2018 // Egypt

Dual training course for logisticians

Together with the ElSewedy Technical Academy (STA), Schenker Egypt Ltd. is working on the program for a...

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15 Nov 2018 // Myanmar

Strengthening economic in the Mandalay region

Since November 2018 the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Reutlingen and the Mandalay Region Chamber of...

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12 Nov 2018 // Honduras

Implementation of a sustainable value chain for sweet potatoes

The German Pilz Schindler GmbH is active in the international fruit trade and has been involved in a

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07 Nov 2018 // Mongolia

WTPO Award for BMO-Project

The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) received an award during the World Trade Promotion...

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29 Oct 2018 // Sahel and Chad region

Kick-off event ARCHIPELAGO

sequa has been commissioned by the European Commission to implement the ARCHIPELAGO programme in cooperation with its...

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25 Oct 2018 // Rwanda

Practice-oriented vocational training in the building trade

Since November 2015, the Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Small Industries (HWK) Koblenz is implementing a TVET Partnership...

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23 Oct 2018 // sequaForum 2018 A03

Import Promotion Desk - IPD

Machtmaker IPD

The German Import Promotion Desk (IPD) initiative, implemented by the BGA and sequa and supported by the...

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17 Oct 2018 // PartnerAfrica

Special Initiative Training and Employment

German Business Membership Organisations (BMO) can now get involved in the new special initiative Training and...

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14 Oct 2018 // Brazil, Rio Grande do Norte

BBP of IHK and HwK Trier started into the 2nd phase

The second phase of the Vocational Training Partnership (BBP) between the IHK and the HWK Trier and the Brazilian VET...

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02 Oct 2018 // Ghana

Securing the private sector in the Western Region

The Chamber and Association Partnership between the German Hamburg Chamber of Trade (HK Hamburg) and the Secondi...

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29 Sep 2018 // Turks&Caicos Islands

Start of a VET Reform

sequa gGmbH has started the implementation of the project "Increased matching of education offer with the labour market...

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28 Sep 2018 // Iran

Improving the water and sanitation situation

The German Lausitzer Klärtechnik GMBH  (LKT) has been involved in a two-year project to improve the water...

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10 Sep 2018 // Ethiopia

sequa’s support for the STEP Programme continues

The objective of sequa’s contribution is in line with the goal of GIZ’s STEP II programme: “More graduates of TVET find...

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10 Sep 2018 // NEW CRAFT FUND


A joint initiative of the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation...

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03 Sep 2018 // Mongolia

Added Value for better Income and Employment Opportunities

The BMO-Project between the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) and the Mongolian National...

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30 Aug 2018 // Iran

Vocational qualification for Afghan refugees

Since September 2018, sequa is active with a project for Afghan refugees in Iran. In cooperation with the Iranian Bureau...

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22 Aug 2018 // Ghana

Supporting entrepreneurship

In July 2018, the Dutch company MDF Global launched a project in Ghana. The company provides training,...

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14 Aug 2018

The "Handbook for Local Economic Development" is now available in Spanish

In order to boost economic growth at the sub-national level, international development cooperation often applies the...

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14 Aug 2018

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14 Aug 2018 // Philippines

Improving food safety standards and testing techniques for SMEs in the food sector

In September 2017 TUV Asia Pacific Ltd. launched a project in the Philippines. TUV Asia Pacific Ltd. is a...

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13 Aug 2018 // Ethiopia

Practice-oriented training and further education for local livestock farmers and fatteners to enhance the value chain for meat

In October 2017 Cross Vetpharm Group Ltd. started a project in Ethiopia.

Cross Vetpharm (CVP), part of the...

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13 Aug 2018 // Argentina

Support of application of renewable resources and modern environmental technology through the transfer of know-how and the establishment practice-oriented continuing education

In December 2017 eclareon GmbH started a project in Argentina. eclareon is a global consulting and project...

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13 Aug 2018 // China

Training of Tibetan small farmers for the cultivation of organic barley and establishment of a local malting plant with in-company training courses for local young people

In April 2018, the Swiss holding and real estate agency Generalista AG launched a project in China. The...

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31 Jul 2018 // Albania

Introducing a model for practical adult education in cooperation with the VET Center Elbasan, enterprises and the textile association

In November 2017, the medium-sized German clothing company “Naber Damen- und Brautmoden GmbH” launched a

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30 Jul 2018 // Kenya

Building a skilled Digital Education Network in Kenya

In September 2017, the Dutch company SiSo Computers B.V. launched a project in Kenya. The project have a...

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30 Jul 2018 // Argentina

Strengthening of educational and professional competences in the field of renewable energies in Salta, Argentina

In May 2018 the German technology company SOLprime Power Systems GmbH from Kiel started a project in...

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30 Jul 2018 // India

Introduction of a practice-oriented training program for specialists and managers in the mechanical engineering industry in Hyderabad, India

In June 2018, the German tool manufacturer Gebr. Saacke GmbH & Co. KG launched a project in India. The...

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30 Jul 2018 // Brazil

Capacity Development for Producers of Organic and Fair-Trade Non-wood Forest Products in the State of Amazonas

In July 2018, the French company RDV Productions S.A.S. launched a project in Brazil. RDV Productions...

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26 Jul 2018 // China

Practical training for Chinese specialists to promote innovative and sustainable production in Chinese industrial companies (ProTalent)

In September 2018, KIT gGmbH (International Department of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) launched a

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26 Jul 2018 // Burkina Faso

Income diversification for women shea butter cooperatives in Burkina Faso

In March 2018, the French cosmetics company Laboratoires M&L launched a project in Burkina Faso....

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20 Jul 2018 // Philippines

Development Partnership for a Practice-Oriented, State-of-the-Art Culinary Arts Programme for Young Women Has Started

In June 2018, a project of the Dutch company HRC International B.V. has started in the Philippines. HRC is...

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19 Jul 2018 // Southern Africa

The IPD brings export companies to the European market

The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) is now also active outside of its eight partner countries.

On behalf of the Deutsche...

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13 Jul 2018 // Rwanda

sequa’s supports the Capacity Development of Business Membership Organisations

From summer 2018 until the end of 2019, sequa contributes to the GIZ programme “Promotion of Economy and Employment” (Ec...

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28 Jun 2018

New Manual for project accounting

sequa has created a manual for project accounting specifically for the programs KVP and BBP. The manual addresses those...

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19 Jun 2018 // sequaForum 2018 A02

Latin America - Al-Invest

Issue 2nd of sequaForum in 2018 is about

Latin America - Al-Invest


Latin America is not only geographically far...

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18 Jun 2018 // India

Enhancing the Value Chain of Sheep Wool from the Himalaya Region

Prolana GmbH is one of the leading German manufacturers of natural bedding. Prolana’s product range is made up of...

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17 Jun 2018

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10 Jun 2018 // Indonesia

Private Sector Involvement for Improved Vocational Education

As of April, 2018, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) Trier, the Indonesian national chamber KADIN...

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07 Jun 2018

Project lab at the European Development Days 2018 - “Striving for living wages”

“Striving for living wages” was a common denominator at the project lab of sequa at the European Development Days 2018...

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31 May 2018 // Iran

Occupational and university training measures for a modern irrigation management in the Iranian agriculture

In the scope of a project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development...

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24 May 2018 // Mobility in Europe

Approval of the Erasmus+ grants for the new sequa mobility programme 2018-2020

The objective of sequa’s mobility programme is the improvement and internationalisation of vocational education within...

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