Mobility in vocational training

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We currently no longer have a budget available to support stays abroad.

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International job experience is playing an ever more important part in vocational training. Companies expect their employees to bring language skills, work experience abroad and intercultural skills. Great store is set in international experience even in vocational education and training.

sequa promotes mobility in vocational education and training and has developed and established the sequa Mobility Programme funded by the EU Erasmus+ Programme. Here, various opportunities are available to trainees, other learners, young professionals, as well as vocational teaching and training staff in Germany.


Financial support from Erasmus+ includes a stipend for the duration of your stay as a subsidy for travel, accommodation, and food costs. The amount depends on the duration and country of destination. Environmentally friendly travel is particularly supported. A table with the funding rates for Erasmus+ can be found here. People with special needs are also welcome in the program and can receive appropriate funding.

What does the sequa mobility program offer and for whom is it interesting?


Sabine Schacknat

Client Manager Mobility Programme



Karin Lüdecke

Assistant Mobility Programmes




SINDBAD - The Mobility Programme for learners from the crafts, retail, industry and service sector

You are a trainee, vocational student, dual student, retrainee, in a formally organized further education course or a young professional in the first year after examination and want to spend some time abroad? Whether as a baker in Austria or a carpenter in Sweden – Europe is calling you with our SINDBAD programme!

TRANSDUAL - The Mobility Programme for trainees from the commercial sector

You are a trainee, vocational student, dual student, retrainee, or a young professional in the first year after examination in a commercial profession? You want to gain international experience? Then take part in a seminar in France, Spain, or Ireland – with our TRANSDUAL programme!

move it- The Mobility Programme for vocational training staff

You are a trainer or vocational school teacher in Germany and would like to gather in-depth experience or skills in a work period abroad, support local colleagues or partners or further your education through a training course? Then it’s time for move-it, our Mobility Programme segment for vocational & educational institutions and trainers!

Poolproject - Cooperation with chambers of commerce, vocational schools and companies

You represent a chamber, a professional association or a company in Germany that wants to provide their trainees and vocational teaching staff with the opportunity for an internship period or company visit in another European country? Then become one of our consortium partners and conduct the next Mobility Programme as a pool project with us!

Infos about Poolproject  (German only)