The Shareholders Assembly, the Supervisory Board and and the Managing Board are the three official bodies of sequa gGmbH, a company under German Law.

The Supervisory Board monitors the actions of the Management Board to ensure that they are consistent with the company’s purpose, comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and are in accordance with sound business principles. 

Since 2014 sequa’s Advisory Board is providing professional advice to the company.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board has 9 members: three representatives nominated by our shareholder GIZ, two representatives nominated by our shareholders DIHK and ZDH, each, and one representative nominated by our shareholders BDA and BDI, each.

For a period of three years our shareholders nominate the Chairperson of the Board, each in alternation.

Our shareholder GIZ nominates the Deputy Chairperson of the Board.

No member of the Board is entitled to claim any attendance fee or any other compensation.

  • Dr. Jan Glockauer
    IHK Trier
  • Tanja Gönner (Deputy Chairperson)
    GIZ, Eschborn/Bonn
  • Dr. Sabine Müller
    GIZ, Eschborn    
  • Dr. Oliver Perschau
    BDA, Berlin
  • Dr. Christof Riess
  • Handwerkskammer Frankfurt-Rhein-Main
  • Holger Schwannecke (Chairperson)
    ZDH, Berlin
  • Dr. Elke Siehl
    GIZ, Eschborn
  • Mathias Wachter
    BDI, Berlin
  • Dr. Martin Wansleben
    DIHK, Berlin

Advisory Board

sequa’s Advisory Board is being composed of expercienced, competent professionals, who shall be ideally connected with us or any of our shareholders or who are employed by any of our shareholders die sequa. Thanks to their international, entrepreneurial, political and/or interdisciplinary experience and knowledge the members of the Advisory Board shall be valueable sources of information and shall be able to give impulses to the Management Board and the Supervisory Board.

The nomination of members of the Supervisory Board is based on a decision of the Supervisory Baord.

No member of the Advisory Board is entitled to claim any attendance fee or any other compensation.

  • Jennifer Howe
    BDI, Berlin
  • Christian Kaufhold
    GIZ, Eschborn
  • Dr. Ralf Meier
    sequa, Bonn
  • Dr. Ilja Nothnagel
    DIHK, Berlin
  • Michael Olma
    ZDH, Berlin
  • Gebhard Weiss
    sequa, Bonn