Gebhard Weiss

Managing Director

Head of Human Ressources, Legal, IT, Marketing


Dr. Christiane Beck

Head of International Donors

Client Manager EC Grants

Dr. Julia Bellinghausen

Head of Trade Promotion

Head of Marketing, CRM + Third-Party Business


Anke Borkamm

Head of Accounting

Judith Emmerling

Head of Sourcing + Markets (Berlin)


Matthias Hertin

Client Manager KVP + BBP

Chairman of the Works Council

Alexander Klein

Head of Finance + Administration

Head of Project Controlling

Crisis Management Officer


Tabea Mack

Head of Sourcing + Markets (Bonn)

Jürgen Mähler

Client Manager Consulting


Dr. Ralf Meier

Head of Programmes + Projects

Head of National Donors



Susanne Sattleger

Head of BMZ Programmes

Client Manager PartnerAfrica


Sabine Schacknat

Client Manager Mobility Programmes

Dr. Roland Strohmeyer

Client Manager develoPPP



Daniel Strube

Client Manager GIZ (non-profit)