Gebhard Weiss

Managing Director

Head of Legal, IT + Marketing


Dr. Christiane Beck

Head of International Donors

Client Manager EC Grants

Dr. Julia Bellinghausen

Head of Trade Promotion

Head of Marketing, CRM + Third-Party Business


Anke Borkamm

Head of Accounting

Judith Emmerling

Head of Sourcing + Markets (Berlin)


Natascha Haitz

Management Officer


Birgit Heiseke

Head of Human Resources



Matthias Hertin

Client Manager KVP + BBP

Chairman of the Works Council

Maria Kapil

Client Manager Importpromotion


Alexander Klein

Head of Finance + Administration

Head of Project Controlling

Crisis Management Officer

Tabea Mack

Head of Sourcing + Markets (Bonn)


Jürgen Mähler

Client Manager Consulting

Dr. Ralf Meier

Head of Programmes + Projects

Head of National Donors




Susanne Sattleger

Head of BMZ Programmes

Client Manager PartnerAfrica

Sabine Schacknat

Client Manager Mobility Programmes


Daniel Strube

Client Manager GIZ (non-profit)