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sequaForum 2019 A01: KVP/BBP Tag


If the economy is doing well, people are doing well too! Especially in developing countries it can be observed that this guiding principle unfortunately also applies vice versa. A reliable legal framework, well-trained skilled workers, functioning transport routes, fast internet, accessible procurement and sales markets and many other favourable framework conditions are necessary so that companies can prosper and hire employees.

BMOs represent the interests of companies and promote the positive development of framework conditions for companies. They are equally close to political actors and companies. But only strong, i.e. efficient, professional and economically stable chambers and associations can be truly effective lobbyists. This is why there is the KVP programme, in which our German partners have carried out around 300 KVP projects worldwide since 1991.

A project phase usually lasts three years. This may sound long, but it is short in terms of altering and changing structures sustainably. Changing structures is complex and always poses new challenges for actors. We at sequa and our German project management agencies need external impulses again and again, for example through the KVP/BBP Day. 

This is what this issue of sequaForum is all about!

Gebhard Weiss
Managing Director sequa


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Typical Projects

SME Development - Strengthening Economic Organisations in Armenia

SMEDA is a sub-project of the GIZ programme Private Sector Development and Vocational Training in the South Caucasus which has been running in Armenia since 2016 and co-financed by the EU. Since December 2017 sequa has been involved in this project with a component aimed at improving the dialogue between business associations and chambers and...

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Typical Projects

Promotion of dual training in the building trade in Rwanda

Since November 2014, the German Koblenz Chamber of Crafts (HWK) has been running a vocational training partnership in Rwanda. Together with the Rwandan Construction Association and selected vocational training centres, four construction occupations are being tested to see how the Rwandan private sector can be more closely involved in the planning...

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Typical Projects

Formados - Vocational training promotion in Ecuador

Practice-oriented vocational training for young people in Ecuador - that is the aim of the Formados initiative. For 5 years now, the project has been promoting dialogue between the private sector and the public sector in Ecuador in the field of dual training. To this end, 8 training courses are being implemented, thus improving the competitiveness...

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Typical Projects

SMART Myanmar

Project Brief: SMART Myanmar 2.0, a four-year project funded by the European Union, was launched in January 2016. It aims to improve the production and consumption of sustainably produced garments from Myanmar. This will be achieved by extending and improving the best practice mechanisms developed and implemented within the framework of the...

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Typical Projects

K to 12 Plus

The project K to 12 PLUS is an initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development to support the educational reform K to 12 in the Philippines. The German-Philippine Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GPCCI) is introducing elements of dual training in the Technical-Vocational-Exit Track of Senior High Schools alongside...

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In the photo gallery we provide exciting insights into our worldwide projects and activities.


The sequa glossary German-English contains a large number of terms and abbreviations from vocational education and training, business organisation, development cooperation and business that you are likely to use more frequently when working for sequa. It is arranged alphabetically in German. If you want to translate an English term, you can find it by using the search function. The glossary is not exhaustive.