Brazil: Continuing the partnership project of association groups

The Business Membership Organisation Partnerships (KVP) of the Mittelstandsverbund starts its second project phase. The focus lies on strengthening the position of association groups in Brazil.

Quelle: Mittelstandsverbund (ZGV) e.V.

In November 2021, the second project phase between the Mittelstandsverbund (ZGV) e.V. and the Brazilian association of medium-sized builders' merchant cooperatives FEBRAMAT began. The project aims to strengthen FEBRAMAT in the advocacy and qualification of assocation groups. To this end, the project focuses on the areas of information, trainings and innovation, particularly in the areas of digitalization and sustainability. The project builds on the three-year first project phase, in which the representation of interests and professionalism of FEBRAMAT could already be strengthened. The strengthening of the FEBRAMAT assocation is intended to benefit owners of small and medium-sized builders' merchant businesses as well as employees. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.