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Ethiopia: Successful promotion for SMEs

To promote local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ethiopia, increase their competitiveness and productivity so that their products and services meet the requirements for local, regional and international export: This was the focus of the three-and-a-half-year project "Special Initiative for Job Creation and SME Promotion for the Textile Sector." The project, which ended successfully last year, was supported by sequa within the framework of the "Job Partnerships and SME Promotion in the Textile Sector" of the German Agency for International Cooperation - GIZ.

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Quelle: sequa gGmbH

Quelle: sequa gGmbH

Quelle: sequa gGmbH

Quelle: sequa gGmbH

A total of 89 companies were supported with a budget of EUR 3,250,000.00. The project focused on four key indicators:

(i) improvement of product quality,
ii) Increasing product variety,
iii) improving market position and achieving excellence in customer management, and
(iv) ensuring financial sustainability.

During the three and a half years, the following successes were also measured:

  • 708 new decent jobs were created, including 490 for women and 218 for young people,
  • Nearly 1,800 workers participated in vocational training programs, including 925 women,
  • 723 employees improved their income or working conditions, including 439 women and 284 young people.
  • Additional funds amounting to €465,680 were mobilized privately through the support of SMEs.

Further Results of the Project:

Improvement of product quality & diversification

62 companies have received support to diversify their products and improve their product quality.

Marketing positioning, sales and distribution channels

12 companies were supported in developing new market access and 7 companies in gaining new customers.

Provision of external financing for SMEs

32 companies got supported in improving financial systems and access to finance. 18 companies successfully received fundings facilitated through sequa’s interventions, totaling 500,000 EUR of external bank loans, credits and equity investments.

Providing Relevant Sector Studies

The project implemented development orientated studies with specialist consultants.

Further evaluations and information can be found here.


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