Guatemala: Improving training and quality in the construction sector

In the vocational training partnership project (BBP) of the Chamber of Skilled Crafts Frankfurt-Rhein-Main, the training and further education in the Guatemalan construction sector, which was new and introduced for the first time in the first phase, is being expanded in terms of content and regionally through an extended offer. The practical relevance is to be increased and adapted to the requirements of the labour market.

Quelle: Proyecto ConstruYo

The Guatemalan construction sector is developing well and the demand for skilled workers is increasing. In addition, the demand for qualified skilled workers is becoming more demanding in the process, as construction companies are becoming more complex and the need for health and safety at work is increasing. The project is responding to this growing demand with its expanded range of training modules, involving construction companies in the design of the course content. In return, the companies provide internships for the trainees. In addition, decision-makers from business and politics are sensitised to the importance of cooperative vocational education and training. The BBP is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.