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Introducing the “Beyond Your Clothes” Campaign

Garment mountains build up as recycling breaks down!

Source: Beyond Your Clothes

The ‘Beyond Your Clothes’ campaign is part of the “SMART Textile & Garments” project, funded by the European Commission and implemented by sequa GmbH.

It is a Pan-European campaign consisting of raising awareness on the disastrous environmental consequences of the fast fashion industry and its social impact. It is becoming a growing concern, as our clothes consumption has increased by 60% in only 15 years and is announced to exponentially rise under a business-as-usual scenario.

Meanwhile, with Covid-19, an unprecedent level of unsold garments are burnt or destined for landfills. As a result, some countries are now submerged by this upsurging issue and are considering exporting to stop the accumulation of textile waste.
Therefore, it seems particularly vital to increase awareness around this new environmentally threatening conjuncture.

It is in this critical context that the ‘Beyond Your Clothes campaign’ has been created, consisting of an innovative website technology (parallax) which provides, in an interactive and ludic approach, different layers of information to a wide audience, from fast fashion consumers to sustainably active individuals.

The provided facts are supported by studies shared by Greenpeace. The inclusive and informative content is available on the following website:

The campaign will be supported by a guerilla activation and a social media presence while the most engaged sustainable influencers around the globe will be relaying the initiative.


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