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Kenya: More Practice-Oriented Training in Welding and Masonry

The Bildungswerk der Baden-Württembergischen Wirtschaft (BiWe) supports the Don Bosco Boys Town Vocational School (DBBT) in Nairobi in offering sustainable, high-quality, practice-oriented training and further education courses in the trades of welding and masonry. The planned project objective is to be implemented in close cooperation with the private sector, represented by the Kenya Federation of Master Builders (KFMB) and the certification authority, National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).


Quelle: sequa, Katharina Hartmann

Quelle: Katharina Hartmann

In January 2023, the BiWe launched a vocational training partnership with the Kenyan vocational school DBBT to modernize and increase the practical orientation of the welding and masonry courses. In this way, the project partners aim to counteract the shortage of well-trained specialists in Kenya.

In addition, there is a large proportion of informal, unregulated training. Construction sites employ a large number of semi-skilled workers who do not possess any qualifications. This leads to unstable employment relationships and precarious working conditions in the low-wage segment. For companies, this means lower quality standards and higher error rates. This is where the project comes in and plans to establish a structured training and certification process for semi-skilled workers for welding and masonry. This process will be implemented together with the KFMB and the certification authority National Industrial Training Authority (NITA). The vocational training partnership is financed by Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.


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