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Morocco: TVET Partnership Project enters 2nd phase

Placing a larger number of better-qualified trainees in the labour market is the goal of the second phase of a vocational training partnership run by the Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft (BW). With this project, three vocational training centres in the Rabat region and in Marrakech BW has been funding since 2016.

Quelle: Ute Reckers, sequa

Quelle: Ute Reckers, sequa

Despite the good macro-economic situation and diverse employment opportunities in the Moroccan crafts sector, the interest in vocational training in the crafts sector is rather low. This is partly due to the poor reputation of the craft sector, and partly because many Moroccans are not in a position to finance several years of vocational training.

The aim of the project is to find, train and place better-qualified trainees in the labour market by increasing the attractiveness of the vocational training in handicrafts at the three partner centres.

The project aims to make the craft vocational training in craftwork more attractive again. This starts with better information about career prospects in the craft sector and vocational orientation events at school, as the basic precondition for competence-based training.

The project aims to improve the technical and methodological aspects of vocational training so that trainees have better chances for a successful start in their profession through high-quality vocational training that is labour market-oriented. They will be closely guided in order to ensure a successful integration into the labour market.

The project measures contribute to the promotion of employment in Morocco and can help to improve the economic situation of young Moroccans in the long term by giving them better chances on the labour market and thus better prospects for the future in their own country.


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