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Myanmar: Beyond Your Clothes campaign wins Luum Award

The sequa-commissioned campaign Beyond Your Clothes by 360 Agency Berlin was awarded the Golden Luum Award. The campaign is funded by the European Union through sequa's SMART Textile & Garment project.


Luum Award is the first global festival dedicated to creativity, exclusively rewarding messages that seek to awaken a social, civic or environmental consciousness so as to make the world a better place. In order to achieve this goal, they have secured the support of a top-tier academic team, made up of judges from the leading creative agencies from 5 continents as well as top-tier NGO directives such as Amnesty International, ILO and the Red Cross.

After they have been exposed to the Beyond Your Clothes Campaign Luum Award contacted the creative agency 360 Agency Berlin who agreed to submit their work in the competition. 360 Agency did a submission for 4 categories and won gold medal in the category Corporate and Institutional Communication of Governmental Social and Environmental Organizations.


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