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Myanmar: Extension of SMART Textile & Garments

The SMART Textile & Garments project was extended until the end of 2022 and welcomes the new partner EuroCham Myanmar.

Quelle: SMART Myanmar

Due to the challenges imposed by the CoVID Pandemic and the 2021 coup d'etat, the European Commission granted sequa an eight month extension of the SMART Textile & Garments project.

This will allow the team to fully concentrate on the on-site factory advisory programmes and training workshops which resumed from January, 2022. As of May, 2022, the project office is running 5 separate factory assessment and training teams (over 20 individuals) covering topics such as: social compliance, worker/manager communications and grievance mechanisms, chemicals management, energy efficiency, workplace nutrition programmes and clinic safety.

As of May 2022, the project will be enriched by its new project partner EuroCham Myanmar, increased levels of dialogue with business associations in Europe and dissemination about new standards for supply chain due diligence, from Germany and the European Union.


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