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Philippines: EU team visits beneficiaries of Project RELY

A team from the EU Delegation to the Philippines witnessed firsthand how Project RELY (Renewable Energy for Livelihood and Youth) has improved learning for public school students while providing income opportunities for households in a remote island in northern Cebu, central Philippines.

Quelle: Vivant Foundation

Quelle: Vivant Foundation

After 39 months, Project RELY - an endeavour supported by the European Union (EU) and co-funded by the Federal Government of Germany - has energized through solar 16 off-grid schools, upgraded the technical-vocational track of five senior high schools and provided livelihood assistance to 12 people’s organizations. The project promotes the use of renewable energy to improve lives and foster climate change mitigation in poor and remote communities by energizing 16 off-grid public schools in Cebu, Bohol and Palawan.

Ms. Agnieszka Zelaskiewicz and Ms. Mojca Krisper-Figueroa of the EU Delegation to the Philippines conducted together with the RELY team a field visit to Carnaza Island, an island barangay of the Municipality of Daanbantayan. There Project RELY energized the public elementary school and high school and provided livelihood assistance to a group of women, which bakes bread and cakes that are sold by various family-owned stores in the area.

Before visiting Carnaza, the EUD team received a tour of the tech-voc laboratory at Daanbantayan National High School (DNHS), whose Electrical Installation and Maintenance (EIM) track has been upgraded by RELY. The EIM curriculum at DNHS now includes solar technology to enable its students to conduct regular maintenance and repair of the photovoltaic (PV) systems installed in Carnaza.

RELY installed rooftop PV system that has the capacity to generate 21,120 watts-peak (Wp) at Carnaza Elementary School. A similar system has been installed at Carnaza National High School. Both systems include 64 PV modules, inverters, and batteries. The project also upgraded the electrical connections of the school buildings to ensure compatibility and safety.



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