Vocational Education and Training

Rwanda: Career prospects for disadvantaged youth

Practical short qualification courses and individual support for integration into the labor market help young Rwandans who would otherwise have no formal access to vocational training to find a career.

Quelle: BiWe

Quelle: BiWe

Since December 2020, the Bildungswerk Baden-Württemberg (BiWe), together with its partners SOS Children's Villages and the Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre (IPRC) Kigali, has been supporting the development of demand-oriented, competency-based and practical training programs. Vocational school teachers are specially trained for this new task in order to better qualify students and support their transition to the job market through intensive coaching. At the same time, the companies that offer in-company training and internships will be requested to take on their responsibility, so that a high takeover rate leading to long-term employment relationships in the companies is achieved at the end of the training. In a WIN-WIN situation, this also benefits the companies, which find skilled workers with competencies that are more closely aligned with their needs as a result of the qualification measures and thus have less effort and costs for recruiting suitable employees.

In addition to one-year full qualification courses in the fields of automotive mechanics and electrics, short-term qualifications lasting between two and nine months are also offered, e.g. in the operation and maintenance of construction machinery, sales/sales and customer care. Successful completion of the qualification measures is documented by a nationally recognized certificate.

The aim of the project is to give as many young people as possible (500-1000) a professional perspective that generates a sufficient income. In this way, the PartnerAfrica project not only contributes to social development and the establishment of democratic structures, but also helps to combat the causes of flight by addressing vulnerable groups, which is playing an increasingly important role in German development cooperation in the context of the rising number of refugees and migrants.

The PartnerAfrica project is funded by the Special Initiative on Training and Employment of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


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