Senegal: Preparation of a partnership project in the ICT sector

In May 2021, a small-scale project has started in order to support the ICT sector in Senegal, initiated by the  Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Giessen-Friedberg.

Information and communication technology (ICT) is seen as a future industry with particularly high growth and employment potential in Senegal. It should be reviewed whether and how a possible partnership project could be set up.

Source: Ute Reckers, sequa

Source: Ute Reckers, sequa

Senegal has been one of the Federal Government's reform partner countries since 2019. The ICT sector is one of the investment areas that has been set, offering particularly high growth and employment potential in Senegal. The ICT sector is also a central economic factor in Hesse, Germany. The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Giessen-Friedberg has registered a great interest among its members for German ICT companies to expand their access to African markets.

There are possible synergies with other DC projects, such as the planned establishment of a digital centre in Senegal and the GIZ project "Successful in Senegal", which aims to create prospects for young people and returnees.

The small-scale measure serves to identify suitable cooperation partners, to sound out possible synergies with other projects and to design a possible partnership project. The focus will be on business associations, small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups with a focus on the ICT sector, as this is where great employment potential for young people is seen in the future.