sequaForum 2022 A02: Ten years of the Import Promotion Desk (IPD)

I remember the "birth" of the Import Promotion Desk very well. When we "invented" the IPD with the BGA, we looked very closely at the principles that would apply in the long term.

Source: sequa

The DNA of IPD included the following building blocks from the very beginning:
- IPD is a development policy project that aims at creating jobs in developing countries.
- IPD is a structure-building instrument and aims to create capacities in the partner countries to to be able to withdraw themselves.
- IPD is a business-oriented instrument. Only if there is a demand in the import sector, but the establishment of trade relations fails for some reason, can IPD become active at all.
- IPD is an instrument for sectors, i.e. economic sectors, never just for individual companies.
- IPD concentrates on a few sectors and has real sector know-how in these sectors.
- IPD thinks and works in networks and coordinates with the BMZ in the steering committee, with European importers in the advisory board and with other import promotion agencies in the European TRIC network.
- IPD wants to avoid any form of duplication and networks actors.

I am deeply convinced that these building blocks have created a stable foundation. Strict adherence to these principles has been and continues to be the prerequisite for the current and future success of the IPD.

Gebhard Weiss
Managing Director sequa    

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