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Togo: Strengthening the craft sector enters phase 2

To enable the chamber system in Togo to effectively support the craft sector in its development is the goal of the 2nd phase of the chamber and association partnership project of the Cologne Chamber of Crafts (HWK). The HWK is thus continuing its commitment, which has been active since 2016, to strengthen the craft sector in Togo.

Quelle: Ute Reckers, sequa

The Togolese government regards the crafts sector as an important driver of economic growth and means of reducing poverty. Therefore, the government shows great interest and declared will for sustainable development of the craft sector in Togo. However, the challenges in the Togolese crafts sector could hardly be greater in one of the poorest countries in the world: the low level of technical competence in many areas, insufficient knowledge of commercial aspects (such as business plan development), limited access to markets, limited financial resources for the procurement of equipment, etc. provide the chambers with a number of starting points for supporting craftsmen. Here the project comes into play and opens new and efffective ways to the federal chamber of crafts, including its regional chambers, how to provide demand-oriented services for craftsmen and effectively represent their interests. In doing so, the project – also due to the Corona crisis - is focusing on a nationwide digitalisation of all work processes such as membership applications and payments of membership fees. A digital craftsmen's chipcard has been introduced by the project, with the option to benefit from entering a health insurance to favorable conditions and low costs. These improvements in chamber work contribute to an economic growth of the crafts sector.


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