Tunisia: Capacity Development for the Garment sector

The Foreign Trade Association of the German Retail Trade (AVE) supports efforts to redynamize the textile and clothing sector in Tunisia. Since July 2020 they are supporting a small-scale project to strengthen the Tunisian clothing sector (textile and leather goods). During the next 12 months, the Foreign Trade Association of German Retailers (AVE) will implement well-targeted measures to support the capacities of the Tunisian textile association "Fédération Tunisienne du Textile et de l'Habillement" (FTTH) and the leather goods association "Fédération Nationale du Cuir et de la Chaussure" (FNCC).

Quelle: Ute Reckers, sequa

Quelle: Ute Reckers, sequa

The Tunisian garment sector (textile and leather goods) is currently in a crisis, which has many reasons. The economic crisis triggered by the Arab Spring 2011 is only one of the factors, as the competitive pressure from Asian producers had already left its mark before, especially after the expiry of the Multifibre Agreement in 2005. Nevertheless, the clothing sector is currently still a very important job-creating economic activity in Tunisia, which presently absorbs around 200,000 workers.

The small-scale project will

(1) carry out an organisational and market analyses in both associations and sectors (textile and leather goods) in order to identify areas in need of improvement and to strengthen competitiveness,

(2) strengthen the association's capacities by providing training in the management of associations and

(3) provide trade fair support and consulting for competent trade fair marketing to promote exports of Tunisian textile and leather goods.

The objective of this small-scale project is to assess in fact the exact needs for support of the two partner organisations, FTTH and FNCC, particularly with regard to a potential future partnership between chambers and associations.

If, at the end of the project, concrete starting points for the funding needs of the partner organisations and a mutual interest for a potential future partnership project will emerge, sequa will consider a respective proposal from the partners.