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30 Nov 2023

German-Sri lankan Association Partnership in Second Phase

In the second phase of an association partnership, the German Asia-Pacific Business Association (OAV) is now specifically supporting small and medium-sized companies in northe…

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24 Nov 2023

Federal Ministry pays visit to partnership project in Mozambique

On Friday, November 10th, the country representative for Mozambique of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Mark Holzberger, and the GIZ countr…

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21 Nov 2023

sequaForum 2023 A02: Focus Topics of the BMZ


Chapeau, Mr Knoedler!

A good strategy provides orientation and focus throughout the entire organisation. It is not a static plan, but a dynamic process. 

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02 Nov 2023

"Economy of Love" Certification of resource-conserving agriculture

In November 2023, the new partnerAfrica project "Economy of Love" (EoL) was launched. The EoL certification was…

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31 Oct 2023 // Colombia

Green Hydrogen for a Successful Energy Transition

Between July 2023 and March 2024, the Federation of German Industries (BDI), together with the World Energy Council…

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30 Oct 2023 // Vietnam

Continuing the partnership project in organic agriculture

Naturland's BMO Partnership enters its second project phase. The focus in on promoting organic agriculture in…

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13 Oct 2023 // Trade union partnerships

new instrument by sequa

As part of the cooperation of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) with the private…

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13 Oct 2023 // Ghana

More high-quality exports of pineapples, mangoes and sweet potatoes

In a new PartnerAfrica project, the Federation of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services (BGA) will continue its…

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12 Oct 2023 // Ethiopia

BIC Ethiopia unlocks agricultural financing

Ethiopia, a country known for its rich agricultural heritage and diverse agri-business landscape, is on a journey…

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25 Sep 2023 // Western Balkans

WB6 Chambers on Delegation Trip to Berlin

Strengthening regional and European economic cooperation - between the countries of the Western Balkans and the EU.

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12 Sep 2023

Project management in partnership projects

Networking for project success

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12 Sep 2023 // Rwanda

Promoting Rwandan technical talent

The PartnerAfrica project between the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi) and the ICT Chamber started on 1…

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11 Sep 2023 // Ukraine

Successful trade fair appearance at IAA Mobility

The Ukrainian automotive industry presents its capabilities and performance at IAA Mobility in Munich.

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07 Sep 2023 // Nigeria

Strong private sector involvement in TVET

A Sector Skills Council founded by the OPSN establishes a new form of cooperation between private and public sectors.

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04 Sep 2023 // Ukraine

Ukrainian Automotive suppliers at IAA in Munich

“Despite the challenging situation in Ukraine, the Ukrainian automotive industry remains a strong, reliable and…

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30 Aug 2023

Together towards the goal

"We see us as a team... We achieve success together"


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24 Jul 2023 // Conference

From Innovation to Transformation

GIZ's Green Innovation Centers for Agriculture and Food Sector invited to the partner conference under the motto "From…

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18 Jul 2023 // Togo

Promoting Competitiveness of the Private Sector

The Togolese Economic Strategy 2025 aims at inclusive and sustainable economic growth to strengthen social and economic…

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15 Jun 2023 // ARIVET

More than 12.000 people reached

German-Iranian Qualification project for Afghan refugees ended

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12 Jun 2023 // Egypt

Further Training on New (Digital) Labour Market Technologies

In order to contribute to the employability of Egyptian youth and adults as well as to the future viability of egyptian…

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06 Jun 2023 // AL-INVEST Verde

2. Call for Proposal for innovative partnership projects!

After the successful first Call for Proposals in 2022 with the subcontracting of 24 innovative partnership projects in…

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06 Jun 2023

Skilled Crafts "hands on" - Successful in development cooperation

Skilled crafts contribute to a successful German development cooperation! They are an important tool for a Just…

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22 May 2023 // Togo

Final Project Evaluation

To evaluate the reached improvements and successes achieved by supported export companies, sequa experts travelled to…

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11 May 2023 // Erasmus+

As a violin maker to Great Britain

Malte Stump, a young violin maker from Germany, had the opportunity to spend time abroad in London as part of the…

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02 May 2023 // Partnership projects

2022 was another impactful year

Last year, 110 partnership projects (BBP, KVP, PartnerAfrika) could be implemented through sequa by 58 different project…

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01 May 2023 // Ghana

KVP launched in the apparel sector

On May 1, 2023, the first phase of a chamber and association partnership between the Foreign Trade Association of German…

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10 Apr 2023 // sequaForum 2023 A01



ARCHIPELAGO is an extremely successful European programme, which builds on many years of experience of the…

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08 Apr 2023 // Ukraine

Qualification courses for internally displaced persons

Getting refugees in Ukraine into work quickly: Project adapts goals to circumstances after war breaks out.

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03 Apr 2023 // Ethiopia

Effective work possible again in the Amhara region

Now that the armed conflict in the Tigray region finally calmed down at the end of 2022 and that the COVID pandemic is…

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03 Apr 2023 // Uganda

Company Visits and Workshop with UEPB

sequa-experts travelled to Uganda to evaluate the improvements and successes achieved by the selected export companies.…

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25 Mar 2023 // Benin

Partnership between Saarland Chamber of Crafts and CMA

The Environmental Centre (UWZ) of the Saarland Chamber of Skilled Crafts accompanies the Chambre des Métiers de…

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22 Mar 2023 // Myanmar

Public launch of the MADE in Myanmar

The EU-funded Multi-Stakeholder Alliance for Decent Employment (MADE) in Myanmarwas officially launched on 16 March…

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22 Mar 2023 // North Macedonia

Strengthening a sustainable textile industry

The Employers' Association of the Clothing Industry Aschaffenburg und Unterfranken e.V. is involved in a small-scale…

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18 Mar 2023 // Ghana

Further Trainings in the Field of Solar Energy

In order to contribute to improving the employability of the workforce in Ghana, the Saar-Lor-Lux Environmental Center…

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13 Mar 2023 // Mongolia

EITC published Export Guides

Export International Trade Center (EITC) published Export Guidelines to Europe for Leather Footwear.

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06 Mar 2023 // Ethiopia

Support for SMEs affected by crisis and conflict

Reconstruction and business continuity of growth-oriented Ethiopian SMEs affected by conflicts and crises is the focus…

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06 Mar 2023 // Uzbekistan

Partnership in the Textile Sector

A German - Uzbek Business Membership Organisation Partnerships in the textile sector successfully launched: Gesamtmasche…

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23 Feb 2023 // Egypt

Digital Solutions in Agricultural Systems

To increase the use of digital solutions for sustainable and resilient agricultural and food systems in Egypt, the…

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16 Feb 2023 // Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal

Empowering women entrepreneurs

Strengthening girls and women as (future) entrepreneurs or (future) managers is the focus of a partnerAfrica project…

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15 Feb 2023 // Kenya

More Practice-Oriented Training in Welding and Masonry

The Bildungswerk der Baden-Württembergischen Wirtschaft (BiWe) supports the Don Bosco Boys Town Vocational School (DBBT)…

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07 Feb 2023 // Ethiopia

Successful promotion for SMEs

To promote local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ethiopia, increase their competitiveness and productivity…

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07 Feb 2023 // Uzbekistan

Development of tourism and hospitality industry

The Bildungswerk der sächsischen Wirtschaft supports the Uzbek Association for the Hospitality Industry in setting up a…

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04 Feb 2023 // Tunisia

Self-organization in arts and crafts

The second phase of the Business Membership Organisation Partnerships (KVP) of the Chamber of Skilled Crafts Frankfurt…

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29 Jan 2023 // Kenya/Nigeria

IHK Giessen-Friedberg builds on BBP successes

Within the framework of two vocational education and training partnerships (BBP), the Chamber of Industry and Commerce…

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22 Jan 2023 // Myanmar

Center for Female Garment Workers

The newly opened Hlaing Thar Yar Women's Centre, which is run by ONOW, an NGO, has been offering four training courses…

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16 Jan 2023 // PartnerAfrica

Successful BMZ-initiative has been renamed

From 2023, the Special Initiative for Training and Job Creation is called Special Initiative “Decent Jobs for a Just…

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12 Jan 2023 // Rwanda

Organic Agriculture

A PartnerAfrica project of Naturland e.V. is concerned with the growth of the organic agricultural sector in Rwanda and…

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10 Jan 2023 // Kenya

Developing the informal sector

The Chamber of Skilled Crafts Frankfurt-Rhein-Main advises the Kenya National Federation of Jua Kali Associations…

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09 Jan 2023 // Georgia

Go Organic

Strengthening Georgian organic associations - that is the goal of Naturland's Business Membership…

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06 Jan 2023 // Namibia

Developing the Bioeconomy Sector

The German Bioenergy Association (BBE) advises its Namibian partner Namibia Biomass Industry Group (N-BiG) on the…

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05 Jan 2023 // Namibia

Marula Oil - A Success Story

A fruitful cooperation of sequa with the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale…

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05 Jan 2023 // Uzbekistan

Strengthening the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Successful start of the chamber partnership project (KVP) in Uzbekistan: The German "Bildungswerk der sächsischen…

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28 Dec 2022 // South Africa

Vocational Training in Mechatronics

The German Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (bbw) is implementing a vocational training partnership funded by the…

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17 Dec 2022 // Nigeria

Annalena Baerbock at the FOCI Skills Academy

German Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs visits sequa-project.

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08 Dec 2022 // sequaForum 2022 A03



Every time a new government is formed, the ministries set different priorities.

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