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Erasmus + (SINDBAD/TRANSDUAL) is a program for vocational students, trainees and apprentices. The program aim is to support vocational students, trainees and apprentices who intend to undertake practical and theoretical learning abroad (EU member states) especially for improving soft skills like mobility, flexibility, tolerance and capacity for teamwork.

I am an apprentice at the sequa and was recently able to complete a three-week study course in London at the European College of Business and Management (ECBM) via the Erasmus + program. During the lesson, I was taught in subjects such as business in the UK, laws and rights in the UK, or workplace communication.

209 Tansania E.L.D Website. GmbH

Tanzania has excellent climate conditions for the cultivation of tropical fruits such as pineapples and bananas. However, farmers often lack expert knowledge about methods of organic farming or about how to adhere to organic and fair trade standards for the international market.

As part of a project with sequa, which started in April 2017, E.L.D. GmbH and Kipepeo Bio & Fair GmbH strengthen small-scale farmers and processing companies in the production of dried fruits. E.L.D. Is the trading company of the renowned German regional wholesaler Rinklin Naturkost GmbH and responsible for purchasing, storage, and services. E.L.D. will implement the project in Tanzania together with Kipepeo.

208 Burundi Soft Center S

Soft Center is a rapidly growing hardware and software producer in Burundi.

The company, which has ownership links with the French IT-boutique DIPP.Com, has started recently a project with sequa to promote modern IT-skills in Burundi.

202 Aethiopien Maas International Website

Maas International is specialized on the production and sale of coffee machines, including pre-products and related services. Fair produced and high-quality coffee specialties are increasingly in demand by Maas’ customers.

Within a new project with sequa, which began in October 2016, Maas International started to train Ethiopian small farmers in sustainable, high-production coffee cultivation techniques to improve their access to good coffee from the country.

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The West German Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Council (WHKT) has started in April 2017 a Vocational Education and Training (VET) Partnership with the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) in Tanzania. The partners plan to introduce a new apprenticeship trade (mechanic for agro- and construction machinery technology) as well as practice-oriented training modules in post-harvest technologies and mechanic for farmers.