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Economic Diversification and Private Sector Development in St. Lucia 

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Latest Update: 14.05.2010

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The project's overall objective is to increase the competitiveness of St. Lucia’s economy and to integrate the country into the regional and global economy by comprehensively developing its private sector.
In particular the projects targets to improving St. Lucia's  capabilities and capacities in export, human resources, regulatory environment and relevant institutions.
SEQUA cooperates with local partners on all levels of the economy (macro, meso and micro level) in order to achieve the best results.



(Harbour of Castries/St. Lucia)

For a small country like St. Lucia the growing international competition is a great challenge and therefore, the diversification and the strengthening of the national economy is crucial. The economy of St. Lucia is still largely agriculture-based with bananas as the most important crop. Since the 1990s the banana industry has been facing severe problems due to market access limitations and low productivity and quality. Tourism has become the main source of foreign exchange.

Expected Results

  1. The export-readiness of small and medium enterprises in particular has been enhanced.
  2. The human resources in relevant areas of the economy have been expanded and upgraded.
  3. The administrative and regulatory framework for the development of the private sector has been improved.
  4. Selected private sector support organizations/agencies have upgraded their management systems and offer new and better business support services.
  5. Local stakeholders are pro-actively promoting private sector development.



Contact Details
Programme Director: Reinhard Danneleit

Mac Vane Drive
Sans Souci, Castries, Saint Lucia W.I.
P.O. Box CP 6139

Office Phone:      +1 (758) 453 1675  +1 (758) 453 1675
Fax:                      +1 (758) 459 0945
This project is co-funded by the European Union

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