The programme segment move-it is addressed at teaching staff of the vocational education institutions of our cooperation partners who want to gain experience in another European country. It supports further training of vocational training personnel in the form of job shadowing / hospitation or training activities in a company  or with a provider of vocational education and training. Participation in training courses is also possible. Information on the regulations and the eligibility of training and courses can be found here.

Which requirements do you have to fulfill?

To participate in move-it, you should mainly be open to other cultures and ways of life. You must be employed by an employer who is part of the consortium that implements the mobility program together with sequa. A table of our consortium partners can be found here.


  • work in vocational education (teacher, coach, trainer, instructor) and are resident in Germany,
  • have good skills in the language of the destination country or an established bridge language (e.g. English).


Sabine Schacknat

Client Manager Mobility Programmes



Karin Lüdecke

Assistant Mobility Programmes




What does a move-it study trip look like?


EU countries as well as Turkey, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Serbia, North Macedonia, Norway. Destination countries outside Europe may also be possible on request.


Job-shadowing: 2 - 60 days
Teaching or training activities: 2 - 365 days
Courses and training: 2 - 30 days


Organised by the participant


The work programme is arranged in cooperation with our consortium partners and the receiving institutions. These can be public or private vocational training centres.

Teachers or trainers can do an internship or job shadowing or even teach. Furthermore, it is also possible for company employees to carry out training courses at vocational education and training institutions.


The grant for travel, room and board expenses depends on the host country and the length of stay. For further information go to funding rates (in German only).

In the case of courses and training, there is an additional subsidy of 80 euros towards the course fees per participant, for a maximum of 10 days.


How to prepare your application?

To prepare your application, talk to the consortium partner responsible for you first and make the arrangements for your work programme abroad. If you haven’t selected and contacted a VET institution in the host country yourself, the partner can help you find one.

If you have made the necessary arrangements with the consortium partner and a receiving institution in the target country, you can submit your online application here: