The programme segment SINDBAD is addressed at trainees and young professionals in their first year after graduation who want to do an internship in another European country. SINDBAD is accessible to all non-academic skilled occupations.

Which requirements do you have to fulfil?

To participate in SINDBAD, you should mainly be open to foreign cultures and ways of life and interested in gaining an insight into everyday work routines in another company. You are:

  • at least 18 years old,
  • currently enrolled in a dual vocational traineeship (not merely school-based) or a recent graduate (not more than one year),
  • motivated to work in a different environment and
  • resident in Germany and have a German employer.


Sabine Schacknat

Client Manager Mobility Programmes



Karin Lüdecke

Assistant Mobility Programmes




What does a SINDBAD traineeship look like?


Traineeships are possible in all EU countries as well as Turkey, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Macedonia and Norway.


All trainees currently enrolled in first-time vocational education and training in Germany


2 weeks (at least 13 nights) up to 12 months


Hotel or youth hostel, host families

Learning contents

The learning contents are individually agreed upon between the receiving company and the trainee, based on the latter’s requirements. Experienced tutors coach the trainees during their time abroad.

Financial support

The grant for travel, room and board expenses depends on the host country and the length of stay. For further information go to Funding rates. - in German only.


Europass Mobility and certificate by the host company.


2 options to organise your internship:

  1.  You can take part in a group tour on offer in cooperation with our partners (chambers of skilled crafts, chambers of industry and commerce as well as education centres). For more information go to our partners.
  2. You can travel individually and arrange your accommodation and internship yourself (e.g. at the foreign branch of your training company). sequa will gladly answer any questions

If you would like to apply online, please use our online application form: