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Mexico: Promoting employment opportunities for young people

In cooperation with the Mexican employers' association Confederación Patronal de la República Mexican (COPARMEX) in Jalisco and the market research institute Jalisco Cómo Vamos, sequa has been awarded the EU co-financed project "CREEA, educación en acción para la cohesión social e inserción laboral de jóvenes de México" (CREEA). The five-year project led by COPARMEX Jalisco started on 01.10.2020.


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Mexico faces a number of social problems. In 2018, 41.9% of Mexicans lived in poverty according to CONEVALi (National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy) data. Furthermore, 2.2 million adolescents dropped out of school due to lack of economic resources and 14.4% of them had to look for a job to help their family. Poverty and educational backwardness have serious consequences for young people from vulnerable groups, as they limit their skills and tools to enter the labour market.

Therefore, the project CREEA focuses on improving the employability and job placement of disadvantaged young people in Jalisco. Furthermore, mechanisms of cooperation and dialogue between civil society organisations and economic actors are institutionalised in order to implement an improved offer of education and training for disadvantaged young people.


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