sequaForum 2022 A03: PartnerAfrica


Every time a new government is formed, the ministries set different priorities.

Quelle: sequa gGmbH

This will also the case in the BMZ after the elections in 2021. It is not always easy for project promoters to understand how the new programme has to be translated into their own project world. Because we see ourselves as an interface between the BMZ and the world of chambers and associations, I am addressing our most important target group, chambers and associations and their institutions, and would like to convey the BMZ's new focus to you:

What does the PartnerAfrica programme want to achieve? The programme wants to create more good jobs (in selected countries). As many as possible.

What characterises a good project proposal? A good project proposal describes how new jobs will be created. When it comes to job creation, capacity building of chambers and associations is "only" a means to an end, since strengthening chambers and associations alone does not create jobs. Project proposals stand out positively if they are also innovative and creative, create jobs in "green sectors", create jobs for women, ensure fair payment and good working conditions, use digital tools, or create jobs for refugees.

Does this also apply to the KVP and BBP programmes? Yes, job creation is more important than "impact" of any kind.

I hope I have been able to convey what the BMZ's new priorities mean for projects run by chamber and associations.

Gebhard Weiss
Managing Director sequa