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Ukraine: Qualification courses for internally displaced persons

Getting refugees in Ukraine into work quickly: Project adapts goals to circumstances after war breaks out.

Quelle: Berufsschule 27, Zaporishya

Quelle: Berufsschule 27, Zaporishya

Quelle: Berufsschule 34 Lwiw

Since 2021, sequa has been implementing the project "Involvement of the Private Sector in Dual Forms of VET in Ukraine" in the framework of the giz project "Vocational Integration of IDPs/EU4Skills". The project regions are Lviv, Zaporishya and Mykolaiv. The aim of the project is to improve the quality of dual training for young people and internally displaced persons in Ukraine. With the outbreak of war, the project could not be implemented as planned. In the Mykoliv region, project activities were interrupted due to the destruction of the infrastructure. The project planning was very quickly adapted to the current framework conditions. Together with the local partner schools for vocational education from Lviv and Zaporishya, employers' associations, the methodological centres (similar to BIBB), employment agencies and local institutions for vocational education and training, the project has developed short qualification courses in four vocational fields, which have been successfully offered in vocational schools in Zaporishya and Lviv since January 2023. In Zaporisyha these are qualification courses for woodturners and crane operators in metallurgical production, in Lviv they are courses for confectioners and IT office managers. A total of about 60 participants are currently taking part in the courses. Due to the high demand, four more qualification courses will be offered from April.


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