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Cambodia: Export Guides veröffentlicht

With the support of sequa, EuroCham Cambodia created and published six Export Guides for local SMEs.


In the frame of the cooperation with Business Scouts for Development, sequa trained and supported EuroCham Cambodia in the creation of Export Guides. The target group for these guides is local SMEs, that are aiming at exporting towards the European market.

The first guide was on Dried Tropical Fruit and focusses on Cambodian varieties of mango, bananas, pineapple, papaya, dragon fruit and jack fruit. This guide was already presented to SMEs in the sector in May 2022.

After this pilot, market analysts from EuroCham worked on five more guides, which are now published:

- Cashew Nuts

- Palm Sugar

- Pepper

- Home Decor / Home Textils

- Sustainable Textiles


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